Product Images

A crucial aspect to your online store

Product Images

Product Images

Professional, white background product images

One thing that is often overlooked by ecommerce store owners is the importance of good product images. As humans are drawn to visual imagery over text, product images form a large part of a potential customer’s first impression. Blurry, inconsistent and small product images can lose potential sales.

A simple, white background will give any store a professional and consistent look. It will draw attention to what’s being sold and match any colour, so if you choose to change your website design in the future, your product images won’t need replacing. Alternatively, if you sell on another marketplace such as Google Shopping, eBay or Amazon, or if you share your product images on social media, a white background won’t clash with any other website design.

What will we need?

Good quality, hi-res photos of all of your products from a variety of different views, including close up's of details and special features. This does not mean you will need a fancy DSLR camera to take the photos of your products. If you have a smartphone, you will find that it will likely be adequate for taking the photos you will need. More important than the quality of the camera is the way you take the photos. Good lighting and a decent lightbox are key. For more information on how to take good product images with your smartphone, click here

Product image details Product alternative angles

"Ghost" Images
How do we get those?

Removing the background also makes it possible to create a ghost image, which will take any online clothing store to the next level. A ghost image, or ghost mannequin effect, is where the item of clothing looks like it’s floating on an invisible mannequin, giving it a more realistic and 3D shape.

To make a ghost image, we will need you to do the following:

  • Fit your model or mannequin with the product and take a normal photo from the front.
  • Fit your model or mannequin with the product inside-out, and take a photo from the back.
  • Send us the photos!
Ghost image

The result:

Ghost image result

What do we charge?

Due to the wide diversity of possible images you might send us, it is hard to estimate the work involved. But if you can give us an idea of roughly how many products you have, how many images per product you want us to create, and whether or not you would like us to create "ghost" images, we should be able to give you a good estimate of the time & costs involved.

We look forward to making your store look even more amazing with world-class product images!